The Shanghai Literary Review accepts submissions for our print issues on a rolling basis. 

The deadline for consideration for our 2022 print issue is June 1, 2021. 

We are interested in art and criticism about urbanism, globalism, identity, and transnationalism, though by no means should submissions be limited to those topics. We'll publish a good story about cats in Africa if it floors us. Selected works will be published online and in print.

Visual artists who want to submit more than one piece - please upload either a zip file of your pieces, or upload them into one submission. Do not submit multiple times for different pieces, thank you.

Fiction - less than 5,000 words

Flash Fiction - less than 500 words

Non-Fiction & Essay - less than 5,000 words
Flash Non-Fiction - less than 500 words

Book Review - preliminary proposals only, of no more than 1 page
Poetry - 2 poems submission limit per person

Translation - translation into English of any poetry, essay or short fiction from Asia, or vice versa, along with the original text

Visual Art - photography, video, photo essay, collage, painting, sketch, etc.

NOTE: You are allowed to submit up to 20 pieces of visual work.

Internal workshopping for TSLR Editors by TSLR Editors. Not for public use.
The Shanghai Literary Review